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Patron - Sally Phillips

"I became Patron of Me too & Co in 2009 after coming here as a family with my son Olly, who has Down Syndrome, in 2007. I know first-hand that the sense of community and support, as well as the huge range of vital services that are offered all in one place, make Me too & Co a lifeline for many families. Me too & Co is a really positive place for all of us as a family, not just for Olly. It was a fine medicine for us in a time when I was constantly filling in forms explaining all the things Olly couldn’t do. The friendships I have made here are some of the best in my life.

I’m incredibly proud to be Patron of Me too & Co".

We thank Sally for her unending support and enthusiasm for Me too & Co. Sally works hard to bring attention to and advocate for Me too & Co and we are very grateful and proud to have her as our Patron.

Thank you Sally!